Car Care 101 – Timing Belt Replacement Cost

Car owners should always schedule timing belt replacement since this auto part is hard to inspect visually. Moreover, car owners do not want to incur too much spending on timing belt replacement cost. For a scheduled replacement, car owners should look for a mechanic prior to needing one. It is much better to locate a mechanic whom one can trust before servicing is needed rather than settle with someone unfamiliar during the time of need. If a car owner does not have a mechanic, it is best to look for those who are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

The typical timing belt replacement cost ranges from $270 to $750. The cost varies on two common factors including the hourly labor rate and how much labor is involved, which is based on the maker of the vehicle. The replacement usually takes about 2 to 6 hours. This is to say that the average labor rate starts from $40 per hour in areas with low cost of living. On the other hand, labor rates in most urban areas range from $110 to $150 an hour specifically for Mercedes and BMW vehicles.

Additional timing belt replacement cost is usually charged when the owner asks mechanics to do other maintenance work including water pump replacement. To avoid additional costs, it is always best to consult the car manual to know if the manufacturer suggests the replacement of other parts at the same time. In the event that the car manual is lost, it is advisable to check on the website of the manufacturer.