Camry – Solara 4cyl Timing Belt and Waterpump Replacement

Many of today’s drivers own vehicles that have engines driven by timing belts. All of these cars have recommended replacement intervals for those belts. Some manufacturers recommendations range between 60,000 to 105,000 miles before t-belt replacement is due. For most of those drivers a timing belt replacement is an expense that sneaks up on them like a crazy ex-girlfriend at their job. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

While I was working for Toyota as a mechanic I learned to really enjoy doing t-belt replacements on 4 Cylinder Camry’s and Solara’s. In the automotive service business we called it gravy work, because we could do them so quick and make good money on the job. The reason that we were able to do them so quick was first the repetition, but next it still boils down to how easy they really were to replace.

All 4 cylinder Camry’s and Solara’s made on or before the 2001 year model have timing belts that drive a non-interference motor. There are two different types of motors interference and non-interference. An interference motor will likely bend valves and cause major engine damage if its belt or chain is to break or be installed improperly. This is the exact opposite for a non-interference motor, in which, you are fairly unlikely to bend valves or cause damage when replacing your timing belt on a Camry or Solara 4 Cylinder Engine.

A far less chance of causing engine damage is what makes a Camry or Solara 4 Cylinder such an incredible learning tool. Think about how accomplished you would feel if you were able to repair you own car and save 300-500 bucks.